Building An App In 30 Days — Is It Even Possible?

Follow my journey from non-programmer to creating my first no-code Bubble app

Day 0 — The Story Begins…

User dashboard / Homepage
Lessons > Video Lecture > Exercise

Day 1 — I’m actually making sh*t!

Day 2–Typeform, I’d like to introduce you to someone…

Day 3— 2 functions, 1 button

Day 4— make art, not tech

Day 5— Nikes on my feet, the cipher’s complete

Day 6— Back to the drawing board

Day 7— Back to endz

Day 8— First roadblock

Day 9— We’re getting there…

Day 10— Steal Like An Artist

Day 11 & 12— The £4000 bet

Day 13 — passing the baton

Final chapter — coming soon…

I’ll be turning my daily updates into a detailed how-to / no-code documentary at the end of the 30 days!

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