Building An App In 30 Days — Is It Even Possible?

Follow my journey from non-programmer to creating my first no-code Bubble app

Day 0 — The Story Begins…

I run a social enterprise called UniRise — we help disadvantaged students get into top universities. Mentors, personal statement reviews, course recommendation algorithm, etc.

User dashboard / Homepage
Lessons > Video Lecture > Exercise

Day 1 — I’m actually making sh*t!

Today I finished Bubble’s tutorial content!

Day 2–Typeform, I’d like to introduce you to someone…

Today I spent the first half trying to get Typeform to “speak” to Bubble.

Day 3— 2 functions, 1 button

Today I built my beautiful progress bar!

Day 4— make art, not tech

Check out the new dashboard 👇

Day 5— Nikes on my feet, the cipher’s complete

BOOOM! The whole platform is now functional👇

Day 6— Back to the drawing board

With the core platform taken care of, I’ve turned my attention to our course explorer.

Day 7— Back to endz

I’ve now got the backend set up for our course explorer:

Day 8— First roadblock

Today is the first day I felt out of my depth:

Day 9— We’re getting there…

Day 10— Steal Like An Artist

Today I’ve been looking at Airbnb and a bunch of other elite designers to get some inspiration.

Day 11 & 12— The £4000 bet

So my time this week has been eaten up by random and annoying (but important and inescapable) commitments elsewhere in the company.

Day 13 — passing the baton

After 12 days of intense Bubbling, the backend infrastructure is all set up.

Final chapter — coming soon…

We’ll see what the final product looks like after some extra tweaking from professional Bubble developers.

I’ll be turning my daily updates into a detailed how-to / no-code documentary at the end of the 30 days!

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