Science-based “hacks” I used to cure my insomnia

Photo by Minnie Zhou on Unsplash

Making life more difficult, to make it more fulfilling

And how you can, too (with surprising ease…)

You’ll never work from home the same way again

Is this really it?

How “working hard” is actually killing your productivity

Imposter syndrome & how to get past it

Me as a teenager (lol)

Don’t fall prey to this subtle cognitive bias

Embrace the fuzz, life is never A or B — there’s so much in between

“It’s not black and white” by Andrew Mitson (

You’re not changing the world, you’re just delusional

Image from Forbes | Edited by Andrew Mitson

Follow my journey from non-programmer to creating my first no-code Bubble app

Day 0 — The Story Begins…

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